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genesio company logo xxsmallGenesio Company sells, installs and services boilers for all commercial and residential needs.  We carry the complete line of Weil-McLain and Viessmen boilers. These boilers can be used in Homes, Schools & Institutions, etc. and with multiple boilers. They can be applied to indirect-fired water heating, radiant heating and more.

genesio company wm logo smallWeil-McLain Gold

genesio company wielmc goldA water boiler without tankless heater opening. Comes in 8 sizes ranging from 75,000 to 257,000 BTU/Hr. It's easy to install and setup as well as service and clean.

genesio company wm logo smallWeil-McLain Gold CGi

genesio company weilmc cgiA gas boiler for direct exhaust. (Induced draft). The water net ratings are 37,000 to 169,000 BTU/Hr. This is also easy to install & service and has unique control technology.

Viessmen Boilers

The high-quality construction and innovative oil heating technology of this boiler provide a high level of operational reliability, high-efficiency operation and reduced emissions.
genesio company viessman boiler2

Benefits at a Glance:

  • Maximum heat extraction and effi ciency thanks to the triple-pass heat exchanger.
  • Long service life and maximum reliability with extremely durable cast iron heat exchanger.
  • Clean and effi cient combustion thanks to the stainless steel combustion chamber insert.
  • Quiet combustion with Beckett or Riello burner.
  • For greater effi ciency and comfort, modulate the boiler water temperature with a Vitotronic control.
  • Eliminate the need for a chimney and combustion air supply opening with the direct vent option (up to VR1-33).
  • Low maintenance cost with service-friendly burner and easy-to-clean fl ue gas passageways.

Vitocell -V  -H  -B 300

Made with high-alloy stainless steel for hygienic hot water heating. This grade of steel does not tend to crack, peel, become brittle or corrode keeping service and maintenance costs to a minimum.
genesio company vitocell300

Benefits at a Glance:

  • Long service life due to corrosion-resistant hot water tank and heat exchanger coil construction of high-alloy stainless steel.
  • Hygienic and suitable for the food industry due to high surface quality.
  • No sacrificial anode required for additional corrosion protection; therefore no anode replacement costs.
  • Heating of the entire water content by a heat exchanger coil extending to the tank bottom.
  • Reliable hot water comfort due to fast, even heating with large-diameter 1 1/4" non-finned heat exchanger coil.
  • Minimal stand-by losses through highly effective foamed-in-place or wrap-around HCFC free insulation.
  • Universally suitable-for larger hot water demand several Vitocell-V 300 or Vitocell-H300 domestic hot water tanks can be combined into a multiple tank battery via common headers.
  • Vitocell-B 300 for bivalent hot water heating in connection with solar collectors and heating boiler.


Vitocell -V -H 100

Economical domestic hot water heating the Vitocell 100 series tanks are constructed from steel and feature the Ceraprotect two-coat enamel finish. protecting all surfaces in contact with domestic water from corrosion.
genesio company vitocell

Benefits at a Glance:

  • Corrosion-protected domestic hot water tank made of steel with Ceraprotect two-coat enamel finish. Additional cathodic protection provided with a magnesium anode.
  • Heating of the entire domestic hot water content with the heat exchanger coil extending to the bottom of the tank.
  • Reliable hot water comfort with fast, even heating via generously sized heat exchanger surfaces.
  • Minimal stand-by losses with highly effective foamed-in-place or wrap-around HCFC-free insulation.
  • Steel sheet enclosure jacket, electrostatically powder-coated-a solvent-free and environmentally sound procedure for an attractive finish.

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